We are no longer using Wowcher but due to the CoronaVirus there are customers who had bought these vouchers but did not have time to use them. We are happy to honour any wowchers purchased but it is up to the customer to ensure that Wowcher will allow us to redeem. The Vouchers are paid directly to Wowcher who give a a small percentage when the voucher is redeemed so if we are unable to redeem them then you would not be able to use it.



  1. The 1 Hour Wowcher Massage
    We are only massaging Ladies with this offer
    The deal was for new customers only
  2. The Couples Massage
    We will massage both ladies and Gentleman with this offer but at least one of you must be a new customer
  3. In both deals, the booking is done over the phone
  4. The Wowcher Code must be given and redeemed before a booking can be confirmed.
    If you turn up without booking, you will be required to pay the full price for your massage
  5. We cannot refund a Wowcher Coupon, this has to be done directly with Wowcher who will contact ourselves for verification