Our Massage

Traditional Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Massage incorporates an acupressure therapy that blends deep tissue massage, gentle stretches and the stimulation of acupressure points to instil relaxation. The gentle muscle compression of the massage movements helps to loosen joints, stretch muscles and stimulate circulation.

Deep Tissue Massage

For a stronger, more intense massage treatment, the therapist uses hands, elbows and feet to apply deep pressure to acupuncture points and targets specific areas of build-up. This massage helps to relieve deep-seated tension, resulting in a feeling of complete invigoration.

Foot Massage

The practice of foot massage has been used in many cultures for centuries to improve health and relax the body. Traditionally, foot massages are performed using the hands, although treatments may sometimes include the use of sticks or rollers to more effectively stimulate the reflex areas in the foot..

Couples Massage

We only have one room, so although we have reduced the price for two people, we have to massage at seperate times until our new shop opens early this year.


To book an appointment, please call us on 07476 280 323.

Where we are

Gold Star Thai Massage Shop

Coming Soon!

London - Green Lanes

Room in Neo Derm Salon

Manchester Room

Opening 9th April

What our clients say about our sevice

At Gold Star, we aim to provide a top quality service and we value all our clients feedback about their experience with us.